New Years Brunch Party/Sister’s Gift Exchange

Happy New Year!!! I hope 2018 provides the happiness & success you seek.

On another note, I know I have been absent for a while but I’m back 👀. One of my goals for this year is to post more content – you know I’m serious cuz I just said it.

But back to the topic of Brunch – which I adore 😊. I was lucky to be invited to by my friends (Fatima & Asraa). The brunch was exceptionally special because it involved a gift exchange (kinda like secret Santa). Without further ado……

P.s. no blogger completes a post without outfit deets, so make sure to scroll below 😊. I would love to hear of how you spent your New Years – feel free to comment below.

Highlight of the Day: Non-Alcoholic Mimosa 🙌🏽

Outfit Details:

Sweater Dress: Akira

Tights: Discount Dance Supply

Boots: Aerosoles

Hijab: Target (got me shook too 😵 – they are definitely stepping up their fashion game)

See you next time,


6 thoughts on “New Years Brunch Party/Sister’s Gift Exchange

  1. Loved the hijab style. Would you show us a tutorial? That meal looks so scrumptious. Perhaps, you can spotlight one of your friends easy recipes for us to share with our friends next time. Xo


    1. Thank you sis, my friends Fatima & Asraa were in charge of the meals. But when you mean tutorial, are you referring to hijab or food?


  2. I love the food! Seems like it took a lot of effort and looks delicious. I’m not good in commenting on dresses but I like the boots lol 😀
    Keep up the good work! I know it takes a lot of time and effort in blogging but I hope you pursue what your passionate about. and I felt like this is one of them regardless of comments.


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