International Women’s Day 3.8.18

Who runs the world???? Girls!!!

I can’t imagine a world without the women in my life. From my mother, grandmother, sisters, aunts, besties, etc. Through them I found guidance, perspective and even the bitter truth (we all need a reality check sometimes). They are one of my greatest assets and I’m honored that God bestowed them to me as a gift.

So what better way to celebrate the women in our lives than to commemorate a day for them? Drumroll please…..

On March 8th, 2018 I attended an event organized by Tech Ladies in collaboration with MALA for a screening of the Empowerment Project. The Empowerment Project is a documentary featuring five female filmmakers that drive across 22 states in 30 days to inspire women to seek their career ambitions. The documentary focuses on women in a range of careers but also highlights the emotional transformation that the filmmakers experience. After the documentary, the director & producer participated in a Q&A session.

I love experiencing a good film especially when it includes an inspiring message. The Empowerment Project was different, it changed my perspective. Not all heroes are celebrities. Some of them don’t enjoy the spotlight but they deserve to be acknowledged for their impact. Secondly, issues that tend to affect women such as pay gaps, maternity leave, the me too movement are not exclusively a women’s problem, it’s a human issue. By extension, men have just as much responsibility as women to find solutions for an equal society. Lastly, everyone has a purpose. We all have gifts but it’s our duty to refine it. It might take years for some of us to figure out how we are meant to serve people. Embrace your journey but know your self worth. Once you are able to internalize your capabilities, you will be unstoppable.

Enough of my chit-chat, please see below for pics. Feel free to comment below. I would love to hear of the women who have inspired you. As always, until next time.

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