Inspirational Series: Reflections 101

If you have followed my work, you know to expect a theme that revolves around deep insights. I am constantly reflecting because it’s an integral part of my thought process. Join me as I explore three essential values that I’ve discovered from reflecting.

Be Patient

Patience takes times to develop. Life does not come with a guarantee stamp. You must learn to overcome your challenges no matter how inconvenient the situation is. You must remind yourself that there is a hidden lesson behind every experience. Here lies an African proverb that demonstrates the wisdom of being patient: Every misfortune is a blessing.

When you begin to exercise patience, something magical happens: Gratitude.

Why? There is a lot to be grateful for – you just need to find time to reflect. If you were to pick a day and focus on everything that you are thankful for (which is a lot), you will develop an unstoppable mindset. Plus, the more gratitude you have, it will increase the likelihood of happiness and productivity. Nuff said!

Never Settle

Be aware of social conditioning. When people give you advice, you have to internalize that their experience and lifestyle is different from yours. Don’t hesitate to take some things with a grain of salt – you don’t have to agree 100% with anyone.

Think about it this way – every individual has a unique fingerprint. Similarly, we all have a unique footprint because our experiences are different. Just because someone might have an opinion, it’s doesn’t hold true to everyone. This is especially relevant when discussing relationship advice. I have been lectured by acquaintances who have provided me numerous reasons why I haven’t found a significant other. The irony is they automatically assume we have the same interests but in reality it’s an excuse to impose their beliefs. In short words, “why don’t you settle for someone who I think would be a great match”?

The real question is why would you settle? We don’t settle when we buy new clothes or seek employment. Why is there an exception to the rule when seeking a relationship? By all means, be realistic. But don’t ever mistake settling as compromise.

Love Yourself First

You know that feeling when someone says something and you’re in awe because it never gets old – love yourself first. When you are in a state of contentment, you spread love and tranquility to yourself and others around you. It’s vital that we take the necessary steps to take care of ourselves – it’s really for our own benefit.

Everyone has a different process of self-care. My advice would be to pick something that makes you feel good and commit to it (, swimming, traveling, cooking). Don’t focus too much on the activity itself but make sure this certain activity makes you feel good and that you find some “me” time. After all, you can’t love yourself if you don’t know who you are.

This won’t happen in a blink of an eye. Especially if you are the type of person that takes care of others first. But it’s a process and can evolve into a routine overtime. It’s all about taking the first step. You never know what you truly enjoy until you’ve given it a chance. Caption this: it is never selfish to enjoy self-care. You owe it to yourself. We all have one life – let’s make it count.

Never doubt your journey.

Don’t limit your worth to people’s expectations.

Love yourself first.

Until next time,


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