Reflections 105: Labels are a detriment to crafting your story

Being conditioned to follow a certain path was the way I was raised to be successful in life. You go to school at a certain age, you find the “perfect career”, you get married at this age and you have kids. But what happens when that doesn’t work out for you? What happens when circumstances … Continue reading Reflections 105: Labels are a detriment to crafting your story

Inspirational Series: Reflections 101

If you have followed my work, you know to expect a theme that revolves around deep insights. I am constantly reflecting because it’s an integral part of my thought process. Join me as I explore three essential values that I’ve discovered from reflecting. Be Patient Patience takes times to develop. Life does not come with … Continue reading Inspirational Series: Reflections 101

Mehndi and Networking 2.25.18

Hello my avid readers, I had a wonderful opportunity of hosting my first event while partnering up with a talented Henna artist ( Mehndi by Maliha), MALA (Muslim American Leadership Alliance), and a delicious honey tasting (courtesy of Heaven's Honey). It was exciting to see familiar and new faces. I am grateful to everyone who … Continue reading Mehndi and Networking 2.25.18